Hey guys! There has been a lot of talk around the LEGO Space Shuttle 10283 to be released this April, under the Adult Builder’s Series Theme. Since the maiden voyage for the Columbia was on April 12, 1981, it wouldn’t come to a big surprise that they would consider an April release date, celebrating the 40th anniversary.

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This space shuttle orbited earth 36 times from April 12, 1981 to April 14, 1981 – 54.5 hours later. Columbia was the first orbital spaceflight of NASA ‘s Space Shuttle program. Mission commander John W. Young and pilot Robert L. Crippen made up this 2 man crew.

Check out YouTuber BriQ Foundation on the controversy around this set:

Since that video was posted just over month ago, we now know some new details to take into consideration. The rumour is that this set will be approximately 2,000 parts and will cost around $199. It would be important that the cargo bay doors will be able to be opened, as this was vital for the missions to keep it from overheating. Without these being able to open, this would immediately stop mission.

Unlike the the last Creator Expert Space Shuttle 10231 that LEGO produced, this is said to only be the shuttle and not a rocket booster. This is set to be a similar design to Space Shuttle Discovery-STS-31 7470, which had 828 parts. However that set retailed for $49, so we know that Columbia will be larger in size at a higher price point.

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The last Creator Expert/Adult Builders Series shuttle LEGO Space Shuttle Adventure 10213 came out back in 2010, but later was replaced by LEGO Shuttle Expedition 10231, due to minor alterations, in 2011. It consisted of 1204 parts and cost $99.99.

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You can compare The LEGO Space Shuttle 10283 size to LEGO Space Shuttle 8480, which was released in 1996 that had 1386 parts and retailed for $158.00.

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Considering the tragedy on it’s 28th mission, in 2003, when the seven person crew died due extremely hot plasma penetrating through a defective point on re-entry into the atmosphere, do you think LEGO will/should have something to tribute this crew, along with the set? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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