Are LEGO Baseplates On Their Way Out The Door?!

Hey guys! Thanks to both and we were able to gather some news about the LEGO baseplates and their possible EOL. According to the green baseplate 10700, the gray baseplate 10701, the blue baseplate 10704 and the white baseplate 11010 are all now marked for retirement by the end of February 2022.

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This is the second time the 32×32 and 48×48 baseplates have been listed with an exit date. Since The LEGO Group has slowly began trying to bring all production in-house, this actually makes sense since these baseplates are outsourced by external suppliers. In order to produce these they use a process called thermoforming. Whereas LEGO uses a method called injection moulding. You can see the difference on the baseplates, as they do not have sprue points, like normal LEGO parts.

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As outlines, this is all speculation right now. However, they make a good point, “it could simply be that the LEGO Group is planning to rebrand its baseplate line-up (to make the product numbers match up, for instance). But given the four current plates were introduced over a period of five years, discontinuing them all at once is definitely the kind of move that sets alarm bells ringing.”

How would you feel if the classic baseplates were no longer available? Comment below!

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