Are The Rumours True? Monica and Rachel’s Apartment 10292

Hey guys! Now this is the rumour that everyone is talking about! Will Monica and Rachel’s Apartment from the sitcom, Friends, come to life? According to the LEGO YouTuber, Brick Clicker, who posted on his Instagram page, we very well could expect this set to release in early June, 2021 and mid-May, 2021 for VIPs. isn’t sold on the rumoured retail price: “LEGO VIP customers could even get the opportunity to buy the set earlier, as the Youtuber Brick Clicker , from whom the original leak came, speculates on his Instagram channel : According to him, there will be one from May 19 Give VIP advance sales for the set, the price is allegedly 150.00 US dollars . That seems pretty high considering the fact that the Central Perk only had an MSRP of $ 59.99 – so we can be curious to see whether this information turns out to be correct and how extensive the new set will be in this case.” makes a good point about the substantial price increase from the last ‘Friends’ Central Perk 21319 set : “It does strike me as odd as I’m not too sure how to work around the fact that her apartment is not twice the size of Central Perk.” reminds us: “Again, this only a rumor unless LEGO announces it so don’t get your hopes up too fast at this time.”

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Do you think if this set is true it will be as successful as LEGO Friends Central Perk 21319? Comment below!

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