COMING SOON! LEGO Builder’s Journey On Nintendo Switch & PC

Hey guys! If you remember the puzzle game, LEGO Builder’s Journey, that debuted on Apple Arcade a couple years ago, it has now been technically modified and enhanced for Nintendo Switch & PC, which will release June 22, 2021.

Check it out:


LEGO Builder’s Journey is an atmospheric, geometric puzzle game that asks us to sometimes follow the instructions… and sometimes to break the rules.

Take your time to experiment with free-form puzzle solving while immersing yourself in a poetic world of LEGO® bricks. Throughout the narrative, there will be ups and downs, challenges, and celebrations. Figuring out who we are and what we become is the Builder’s Journey.

The breathtaking LEGO brick world is brought to life with the most accurately rendered LEGO elements yet to feature on screens, including stunning ray tracing elements.

If you want to see more about what this game is about, YouTuber, ClanGuard2.0 Apple Arcade Gaming, takes you through a full walk through of the original LEGO Builder’s Journey from Apple Arcade:

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Is this your first time hearing about the game? Or have you played it before? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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