EXCLUSIVE GIFT!! LEGO Masters Contestants

Hey guys! Adrian Kniewald, a contestant, from LEGO Masters Germany, went to Instagram to show off his exclusive set he received for participating on the show! The set, labelled 6386184 LEGO MASTERS Mini Build ‘Black and White Color Variant’ has been produced in limited quantities and exclusive for the contestants worldwide. Adrian also received a letter that expresses their gratitude.

brickfanatics.com: “The model itself is a simple recreation of the TV show’s logo but pictured in monochrome colours rather than the yellow and red that it is seen on the series with. This, as well as the disclosure of the ‘Black and White Color Variant’ in the name, might suggest that one in the standard scheme exists, or will exist in the future.”

According to the letter that Adrian received, it doesn’t seem like you will be able to get your hands on one…unless you are a contestant on the show. Boo.

Happy LEGO Building!

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