LEGO Bouquet 10280

Hey guys! Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift? The LEGO Bouquet 10280 is WAY better than real flowers. You don’t have to water them! However, getting your hands on one might be a challenge…

The Flower Bouquet set 10280, along with the Bonsai Tree 10281 is part of the LEGO Botanical Collection. This collection has been hard to keep up with the demand, as Amazon restocked it’s supply this morning and was sold out again 15 minutes later.

Click HERE to see yesterday’s post about the LEGO White Noise. Notice anything? The woman in the photo listening to the LEGO White Noise, is actually making the Flower Bouquet 10280 and the man with headphones has a completed bouquet beside him! That is because the LEGO Botanical Collection that was announced on December 30, 2020 was designed to help adults de-stress and relax. So obviously they would include this in their images to promote LEGO White Noise – also a tool to help clear the mind.

In an OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE, LEGO said “While many people seek out green spaces to de-stress and relax, adults can now bring a touch of nature into their home and unwind as they create and customize their botanical builds.”

Check out the LEGO Designer Video:

I would LOVE to know if anyone actually got to purchase this set. Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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