LEGO TEASER!! Coming June 26, 2021

Hey guys! Today, LEGO teased a very mysterious trailer on social media, stating that something is coming June 26, 2021. The teaser trailer is simple. It contains a 2×2 brick, with 4 different coloured studs, flickering as if it was glitching. Is the trailer the only clue to what this might be? Read the caption again. “Big announcement coming soon. It’s ON!” This definitely eludes to the ability to turn ‘on’ and ‘off’.

Check out the trailer:

Although, this could mean a handful of different things. See what YouTuber, Ashnflash, has to say about it:

Could this be LEGO Night Mode lighting kits that was teased at LEGO World Copenhagen last February? What do you think this might be? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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