LEGO VIDIYO Bandmates Minifigures 43101

Hey guys! The LEGO VIDIYO Bandmates minifigures sets 43101 are being distributed in boxes, opposed to the ‘blind bags’ that minifigures are typically in. Back in October 2020, LEGO conducted a survey to fans, which had inquired about the merchandise being sold in boxes. Clearly the fans were heard! Not to mention how much more eco-friendly this is! LEGO has briefed on moving into a more eco-friendly direction by 2025 and this might just be a small step towards that.

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As you can see, the Bandmates minifigures come in a case of 24 in total. Typically in the past, these were sold in cases of 36 or 72. Now being 24 this will allow consumers to share a case with one other person, opposed to 3 or 4 people.

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Watch this video by YouTuber just2good for more details:

How do you feel about this new change from plastic bags to boxes for the minifigures? Would you rather LEGO keep it the way it is? Comment below!

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