LEGO VIDIYO: Photos Released!!

Hey guys! Even though the LEGO VIDIYO sets weren’t set to release for another 2 weeks, it is known that some stores in the US already has 3 sets on shelves. Although, the app for LEGO VIDIYO that corresponds with them isn’t available until tomorrow, February 16th. The app will supply the music to shoot your own LEGO music video.

See our post HERE from January 26th, 2021 introducing LEGO VIDIYO.

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Instagram user Erica (@marleylego) was able to purchase three LEGO VIDIYO ‘beatboxes’, in Columbus Ohio at a Meijer store:

  • 43102 Candy Mermaid
  • 43105 The Party Lama
  • 43107 The Hip Hop Robot

Erica (@marleylego) even took some images that were not on her instagram!




These new modelled parts should be easy to put together. The minifigure will then stand on the ‘pedestal’ on the back of the ‘beatboxes’.

Each set will also have a series of printed 2 × 2 tiles that is required in order to communicate with the LEGO VIDIYO Music Maker app. In total, there will be 12 titles included with each ‘beatbox’.

The remaining sets are to be released in March 2021. What do you think of these first 3 sets? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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