Make Space for BIKE LANES!

Hey guys! Did you know that back in the 1980’s-1990’s LEGO did in fact have street plates with small bike lanes, painted green? Well, they might be coming back! This time, they will be painted blue (the colour used in Billund and around Denmark, where Lego is based).

Long story short, last year the redesigned street sets 60304 and shopping district 60306 were released and included a pretzel store, a sporting goods shop, a crosswalk, street lights AND a very narrow blue bike lane!

Although, let’s be serious… the bike lane is only 2 studs wide. Hardly enough space. Also, very poor planning for the box art, as the City Service truck is blocking the entire bike lane. Which, if you regularly ride your bike through the city, you can relate to the frustration this causes.

This idea all started by a guy named Steeman, who once drafted up a proposal to the LEGO’s “Ideas” website. A wonderful place for people to submit their LEGO ideas and, if accepted, see their ideas come to life and become apart of an official LEGO set. Keep in mind, that in the 13-year history of the program, only 33 have actually been accepted.

Since seeing the new blue blike lanes come to life, Steeman went back to the drawing board and drafted a new design to submit to LEGO’s “Ideas” website. It was shocking to him, but it was accepted in ONE day of submitting the redesign. It was published on the LEGO website and now it’s in his hands to obtain 10,000 supporters in just little over a year.

Do you think he can make it happen? I’d give him my support. After all, kids need to grow up knowing that there are other options for transportation then just gas fuelling cars right? What do you think? Is it necessary in your opinion? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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