MORE RUMOURS!! LEGO Batman Tumbler 76240

Hey guys! Back on May 6, 2021 we got our first bit of info on a possible remake of the LEGO Batman Tumbler 76023. Rumours said that we could possible expect a release date this September 2021! According to LEGO Leaker, lego_fulcrum, the set will contain two minifigures: Batman and The Joker. Also addressed is a release date of October 2021, but we also read November 2021 from other sources. So, until LEGO officially confirms the information, we will have to stay tuned!

LEGO Batman Tumbler 76023 – 2014 “The new tumbler will probably consist of 2049 parts . This means that the new Tumbler contains a few more parts than the 2014 model, which was still built from 1869 parts, but is also (at least with a view to the RRP) at least 30 euros more expensive than 7 years ago. In fact, the new set will still be significantly cheaper than the last tumbler, because the availability will be significantly wider.” “The exact details and release date still aren’t clear, but one point of contention is considering whether or not this is a re-release or a re-designed LEGO Set. Based on the fact that 2014’s LEGO Batman The Tumbler (76023) contained 1,869 pieces and retailed for $199.99 USD, it’s most likely the case that we’ll be seeing a completely new UCS set that varies fairly significantly from the original model.”

LEGO Batman Tumbler 76239 – Miniature Version “It is interesting that the LEGO Batman 76240 Tumbler will not be the only tumbler in the Dark Knight: The LEGO Batman 76239 Tumbler will appear on October 1st , which is significantly smaller and cheaper. The two models are not supposed to appear at the same time, but will probably still be marketed together and advertised as “a large tumbler for adults and a small tumbler for children”, so to speak.” “The LEGO 76239 Tumbler will consist of 422 parts and cost 39.99 euros. We hope that the characters don’t overlap too much with their big brother. The films always offer enough characters. Jim Gordon, Bane, Two-Face or Catwoman would of course offer themselves.”

Do you own the 2014 LEGO Batman Tumbler? Are you looking forward to the newer version? Comment below!

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