NEW GWP!! LEGO Ideas Space Contest: The Adventures Of The USS Cardboard

Hey guys! The LEGO IDEAS Space Contest has been closed for voting and the winner has been announced! Coming in first place, user Bulldozer, takes the win with The Adventures of the USS Cardboard set, which will now be turned into a GWP! You are probably familiar with another set that was released late last year by this user, 123 Sesame Street 21324.

Here is the official description by Bulldozer:

Inspired by my own childhood, The Adventures of the USS Cardboard takes place during one lazy afternoon spent with a few cardboard boxes and loads of imagination.

Join Captain Billy as he assembles the shuttle Cardboard for a journey into infinity and beyond. Accompanying him is the intrepid First Mate Teddy and the inquisitive Doctor Kitty. Explore strange new worlds from your bedroom. Seek out the villainous Roboto and his plastic men. And boldly go where no kid has gone before… but be back in time for dinner! 

The USS Cardboard is a starship made of boxes, pillows, soda cans, toys, and other household items, all held together by the magic of duct tape and creativity. Come aboard and join the adventure.

Based on previous winning sets from LEGO IDEAS Contests, we can expect not to see this set for about another year or so, like the LEGO Space Rocket 40335 and the LEGO Classic Car 40448.

Coming in 2nd place was The Classic Space Logo by user, Fsleinad.

You can check out this video to see the more info on the contest finalists, by YouTuber, Ashnflash:

Did you vote in the LEGO IDEAS Space Contest? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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