NOW LIVE!! BrickLink Designer Program 2021 (Round Two)

Hey guys! Back in early July, the 2021 BrickLink Designer Program was launched and 5 sets became available for purchase (Castle in the Forest, Great Fishing Boat, Sheriff’s Safe, Pursuit of Flight, and Kakapo), with 5,000 copies per set up for grabs. Castle in the Forest was sold out quickly and due to an ordering glitch 10,000 copies ended up being ordered. After many complaints regarding some of the logistics, the BrickLink team made the decision to open up the sales again and allow consumers another chance at the other four sets to match the 10,000 copies sold for Castle in the Forest. That starts today!!

Kakapo – $79.99 USD

Great Fishing Boat – $129.99 USD

Pursuit of Flight – $54.99 USD

Sheriff’s Safe – $49.99 USD

These are going fast! So, if you want to get your hands on one of these sets, you better go do it now. Click HERE. Although, it looks like the Great Fishing Boat is already sold out.

Which set is your top fav? Did you get your hands on one of these? Which one? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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