OFFICIAL RELEASE! LEGO Super Mario Adventure with Luigi Starter Set 71387

Hey guys! It’s official, the LEGO Super Mario Adventure with Luigi Starter Set 71387! Although, we’ve already seen a lot about this set due to Amazon China releasing it early, but now we have gathered more details. This set will be available August 1, 2021 for $59.99 USD, but you can actually pre-order now off However, we don’t suggest the pre-order route, as it will most likely pop up in retail stores before then.

Check out this official product launch video:

You can hear the opinions of YouTuber, just2good, here:

YouTuber, Ashnflash, talks about the additional feature of Luigi’s ability to interact with Yoshi & questions the new orange colour piece in the Fuzzy & Mushroom Platform 30389 polybag:

Watch this video, by YouTuber, Potter Minifig Pals, to see why she thinks the Luigi set makes for a better starter course then the Mario set:

Official Product Description

Introduce the kids to the interactive LEGO Super Mario universe with the “Adventure with Luigi” (71387) starter set. The great gift for trend-conscious children also includes LEGO Luigi. This interactive figure shows their reactions using an LCD screen and a loudspeaker. Players earn digital coins for completing spin, seesaw, and flight challenges, interacting with the Pink Yoshi, or defeating Boom Boom and a Bone Goomba. The light brown bricks in this tower biome also trigger various reactions at LEGO Luigi. The? Block offers additional rewards.

Creative pleasure

You can find the building instructions in the free LEGO Super Mario app, which includes suggestions on how to rebuild the levels.

Unlimited play options

Collectible LEGO Super Mario playsets offer a whole new way to play with iconic Super Mario characters in the real world. The starter sets, the expansion sets and the power-up packages can be combined in an extremely versatile way so that fans can build their own levels.

  • Introduce kids to the LEGO Super Mario universe with the 71387 Adventure with Luigi starter set that includes LEGO Luigi. Children can interact with the character.
  • LEGO Luigi has a color sensor, an LCD screen to show many spontaneous reactions to movements, and a loudspeaker that plays familiar sounds and pieces of music from the video game.
  • Move LEGO Luigi from the starting tube to the target post, let him collect digital coins for spin, seesaw and flight challenges and interact with the? Block, the pink Yoshi, boom boom and the bone gumba.
  • The light brown bricks that represent the tower biome trigger different reactions in LEGO Luigi.
  • This 280-piece LEGO building set made of modules is a funny birthday or Christmas present for creative children aged 6 and over. The level can be converted in many ways and combined with other LEGO Super Mario sets.
  • 2 AAA batteries not included are used by LEGO Luigi as a power source for an interactive gaming experience. Players receive spontaneous reactions and rewards for their creativity.
  • The free LEGO Super Mario app contains building instructions and creative ideas and serves as a secure platform for sharing your own models. A list of compatible Android and iOS devices is available at
  • The LEGO Super Mario play sets bring legendary Super Mario characters into the real world and offer fans countless opportunities to expand, rebuild, adapt and create extraordinary levels.
  • LEGO bricks and parts have been meeting the highest industry standards since 1958 so that they are compatible and can be easily and safely put together.
  • LEGO elements are subjected to every conceivable test to ensure that they meet strict global safety standards.

Official Photos demonstrates the difference between Mario and Luigi with a slider:

Photo Credit: explains all the differences and details between the two characters: “The new electronic Luigi figure looks very similar to Mario, of course, but is designed differently in almost every detail. Luigi is not only bigger, the cap is also shaped differently, the printing on the face is different, the mouth is smaller and the beard is also designed differently.

It’s nice to see that LEGO values ​​the details here and has established some new shapes for the new toy figure. As far as the technical functions of the two figures are concerned, they are probably absolutely identical. At least the product description does not provide any information about the functions of the LEGO Luigi that Mario would not already have.”

LEGO Super Mario Fuzzy & Mushroom Platform Polybag 30389

Also released with Luigi, we get a detailed look at the LEGO Super Mario Fuzzy & Mushroom Platform polybag 30389 that consists of 39 parts and will retail for $4.99 USD. reports: “According to the pictures, it “works” with the first LEGO Super Mario Starter Pack.

According to MarioWiki , Fuzzys are small, black fur-covered parasite creatures. They have two cross-eyed eyes and large teeth, even if it appears that they have already lost some of their teeth. The parasites, apart from their ability to utter simple sentences, are mostly wild and uncivilized beings. They are able to move on free-floating threads, and this ability played a role especially in their first appearances.

In the Paper Mario series, on the other hand, they jump around and suck up power points from their opponent in order to regenerate themselves. There are also several different types of fuzzies here, some of which occur in large groups.”

Will you be looking forward to interacting Mario & Luigi? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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