PROMOTION EXTENDED!! LEGO ADIDAS Originals Superstar 40486

Hey guys! The LEGO ADIDAS Originals Superstar 40486 GWP was first announced that the promotion would run from July 1 – 25, 2021. However, when the July 2021 LEGO calendar surfaced on June 29, 2021 it stated that the GWP promotion would only be available from July 1 – 14, 2021. Check out the July 2021 calendar HERE. LEGO has just extended the promotion until July 20, 2021. This means that if you purchase $85+ USD between July 12 – 18, 2021 not only will you be eligible for the free gift with purchase, but will also double you VIP Points! For more information on the x2 VIP Points promotion, click HERE.

We have created this speed build of LEGO Adidas Originals Superstar 40486 set. This mini Adidas set is inspired by the larger set, LEGO 10282 Adidas Originals Superstar.

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Happy LEGO Building!

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