RESTOCKED!! VIP Collectable Coins & Final GOLD Coin Coming Soon

Hey guys! The last and final collectible Gold coin to join the first four (Castle, Pirate, Octan & Space) was delayed back on May 1, 2021. However, in a recent LEGO VIP newsletter, the new release date is now set for May 20th!

What makes this announcement even more exciting, is the fine print, “Missed out on any of our VIP collectable coins? Don’t worry, they’ll be back later in the year!” eluding to a restock of the four other currently released coins. This will make LEGO VIP members very pleased and some scalpers very disappointed, considering the current resale value is anywhere between $50-$200 per coin.

YouTuber, Brick Duo, looks at the collectible coins current resale online prices:

YouTuber, Stud City, takes you through the Space coin resale value:

After the NASA Ulysses Space Probe debacle, along with some other frustrating experiences around the VIP program, LEGO received a lot of complaints from their fans. They even put out a survey shortly after to understand what went wrong and to get people to express their thoughts and opinions so they could make the right changes to the system and keep everyone happy. LEGO listened…

Restocking these collectable coins means you will have another chance to get your hands on one you might of missed out on, like the Space coin that sold out in record time.

Hats off to LEGO for making positive changes and listening to their fans!

How do you feel about these coins being restocked? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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