REVEALED!! LEGO Marvel Spider-Man & Doctor Octopus Mech Battle 76198

Hey guys! LEGO just revealed the Marvel Spider-Man & Doctor Octopus Mech Battle 76198, which came completely out of the blue! This set consists of 305 parts and will retail for $19.99.

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See what YouTuber, Hasan Malik, has to say:


Take a mega-powerful Marvel Mech in each hand for an exciting duel! LEGO┬« Marvel Spider-Man: Mech duel between Spider-Man & Doctor Octopus (76198) lets children experience great superhero action.

Numerous functions for imaginative gaming
fun This play set with the two Mechs from Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus includes minifigure pilots and cool equipment. Children can put Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus in the cockpits of their mechs. With the movable limbs of the ‘Mechs, the power blasters, the nets and other accessories, children can recreate exciting Marvel film action – or they can come up with countless adventures of their own.

  • LEGO┬« Marvel Spider-Man: Mech Duel between Spider-Man & Doctor Octopus (76198) offers children fantastic superhero action with the two posable mechs and the two minifigures.
  • Includes Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus minifigures with their buildable mechs.┬áThe ‘Mechs have posable limbs and power blasters.┬áNets, handcuffs and other accessories are also included.
  • Children open the cockpits of the ‘Mechs, insert the minifigures and enter a world full of action and adventure.┬áThe two giant ‘Mechs invite children to play countless imaginative role-playing games.
  • Great birthday, Christmas or surprise gift for superheroes and action fans from 7 years.
  • The two mechs are 11 cm tall and are perfect for role-playing games.┬áAfter playing, the moving ‘Mechs in the nursery will attract everyone’s attention.
  • There are even more LEGO┬« Marvel Mechs to collect and combine, the kids can recreate countless action scenes from the films or make up their own stories.
  • LEGO┬« elements have been compliant with strict industry standards since 1958 so that they are uniform, compatible and can be easily put together and separated every time.
  • LEGO┬« elements are drop, heat, pressure and torsion tested and thoroughly analyzed to meet strict global safety standards.

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Happy LEGO Building!

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