REVEALED!! LEGO Seasonal Set: Santa’s Sleigh 40499

Hey guys! Summer is coming to an end, which means we will start to see more LEGO Seasonal Sets surface, like Santa’s Sleigh 40499, which was found at a Chinese LEGO store. Reports say that this will be priced around $50 – $55 USD. This may excite those who wanted the the LEGO Winter Village Elf Club House 10275 that released last year, but didn’t want to fork out the cash. The four reindeers included are only found in the Winter Village Elf Club House set (one), so this gives those a chance to obtain them a bit more cost effectively. Assuming that LEGO officially releases this within the next days, we will provide all the set details and official images then.

YouTuber, just2good, loves Santa’s Sleigh:

YouTuber, BriQ Foundation, talks about a few of the new LEGO sets, including Santa’s Sleigh:

Santa’s Sleigh 40499 “It is immediately noticeable that there are four of the reindeer popular with fans in the set. These were introduced in the 10275 Elf Club House set last year, but only contains a single reindeer. Santa Claus is sitting in a huge red sleigh that is filled with lots of gifts such as a guitar, a teddy bear or skis. In his hand Santa Claus is holding a list with the names of the children, which is apparently a printed 2 × 4 tile. Whether the other details on the sled and the reindeer harness are stickers or prints cannot be said at the moment due to the low resolution of the photo.” “The set was appropriately referred to on Instagram as the “Reindeer Battle Pack” because it contains a total of four reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh. The reindeer are originally from the LEGO 10275 Elves Clubhouse , the LEGO Winter Village set from last year. Since then, they have become a bestseller in the LEGO “Bricks and Parts” individual parts service .”

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