RUMOUR!! LEGO Friends: Monica & Rachel’s Apartment

Hey guys! It comes as no surprise that LEGO is working on a sequel to Central Perk Cafe 21319 (from the 90’s sitcom, ‘Friends’), as it was one of the best selling LEGO IDEAS sets of all time. Rumours have circled over the past few months and now we have more indications that it might be Monica & Rachel’s apartment.

Get more details in this video by YouTuber, BriQ Foundation:

See what YouTuber, Brother From Another Brick, has to say:

Watch this video by YouTuber, Brick Clicker, on why LEGO removed the LEGO IDEAS logo from the ‘Friends’ key chains:

Are you a ‘Friends’ fan? Do you already own the Central Perk Cafe 21319 set? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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