Hey guys! Thanks to for sharing the list of expected LEGO Creator sets for 2022, we now have a better idea what is in the works for the near future. According to this list it looks like the typical small vehicles and mechs as well as various creatures and animals. However, it doesn’t just stop there! New sets, along with one that is the past of an older LEGO themed world!

Of course, until LEGO official confirms this information, we suggest you take it as a rumour for the time being.

Off-Road Buggy 31123 – 160 pieces/€14.99
Super Mech 31124 – 159 pieces/€9.99
Forest Mythical Creatures 31125 – 175 pieces/€14.99
Supersonic Jet 31126 – 215 pieces/€19.99
Speedster 31127 – 258 pieces/€19.99
Dolphin and Turtle 31128 – 137 pieces/€9.99
Majestic Tiger 31129 – 755 pieces/€49.99
Submarine 31130
Townhouse/Noodle Shop 31131
Viking Longship and Sea Serpent 31132

What are your initial thoughts? Does anything stand out? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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