SPOTTED!! LEGO Super Mario Limited Edition Coins

Hey guys! People around the world have reported picking up LEGO Super Mario Limited Edition Coins, directly from their LEGO store. The funny this is, is that not one store has distributed these the same way…

YouTuber, Super LEGO Dad, shares his story on how he obtained the coins:

YouTuber, DCMetro, shows his limited edition coins:

YouTuber, LEGO SUPER MARIO MAKER, opens the silver limited edition coin: reports:

North America

• A store in Canada gave them out with any purchase made.
• A New Jersey store had children interact with a themed scanner device. The device would display a result of “gold” or “silver” coin, and the child would receive that coin. A small scavenger hunt had to be attempted beforehand.
• An Ohio store has the scanner, but no scavenger hunt.
• A different Ohio store has the scavenger hunt, but no scanner.
* A store in Utah gave them out only to people who purchased Adventures with Luigi Starter Course.
• A store in Canada gave them out with any purchase made.


• In England, distribution began August 4th at Leicester Square and Southampton stores. No known requirements.
• The Edinburgh store gave them away to people who took photos of 5 Mario figures hidden around the store. “According to The Brick Post, the coins were intended to be distributed alongside the launch of 71387 Adventures with Luigi last week, but didn’t arrive in stores in time for August 1.”

What do you think of this “no rhyme or reason” way of LEGO distributing these? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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