VIDIYO Backstage Passes & Welcome Package!

Hey guys! Thanks to we get a look at the VIDIYO Welcome package! Check out this video (with English subtitles) for a closer glance at the contents of the package:

You can expect a lanyard, 4 sticker sheets, lace jewelry in BeatBits optics, a code for a VIP Virtual Pass and a letter in a specially printed envelope. The backstage passes has the VIDIYO llama icon on the front and a lenticular picture of the llama (an image that moves when viewed from different angles) on the backside.

Watch YouTuber, Zach The Lego Fanatic, video on how you would have signed up to receive this package:

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The letter outlines the idea behind LEGO VIDIYO. Now thats a lot of free stuff!

Let us know if you signed up in time for the welcome package and what you think! Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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