10,000 Supporters Achieved on LEGO IDEAS Today: THE VIOLIN

Hey guys! Designer, Samuel Ho received 10,000 supporters today (in 66 days!) on his masterpiece: The Violin. I particularly really love the story behind this submission. This wasn’t intended for LEGO IDEAS at all. Samuel isn’t very musically inclined, but wanted to practice alongside his daughter. So he decided to create a violin, with all the same details as the real one his daughter was playing, so he could practice with her. When he had uploaded his masterpiece to Facebook, he received an overwhelming response to submit The Violin to LEGO IDEAS.

Starting with a computer design, then creating the real LEGO 1029 part violin on a scale of 1:1, the curved body being one of Samuel’s biggest challenges. He did not fall short on ensuring all the most important details either. The chin rest, the two F-holes right next to the strings and the raised portion on the sounding body (bridge) over which the strings are stretched. 

To make this as realistic as possible, Samuel used reddish-brown bricks for the base colour and 12 Technic flex cables for the four strings. The strings are tensioned with the tuning pegs in the head part, known as the snail. He also made sure to include the bow resin. Which, is a resin that gets applied to the bow regularly to obtain the best acoustics while playing.

Do you think this LEGO idea will make it’s way beside the Grand Piano 21323? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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