31 REJECTED IDEAS Brought Back! BrickLink Designer Program 2021

Hey guys! The LEGO Group is allowing fans to crowdfund rejected LEGO Ideas projects through the BrickLink Designer Program – the secondary marketplace it acquired in 2019. There are twenty-seven participants and a total of 31 10K Club projects are being considered!

Find out more about the BrickLink Designer Program with this video by YouTuber GoldenNinja3000:

In the first 2021 LEGO IDEAS review stage, a record breaking 40 projects are on the table. More and more ideas are getting considered, but unfortunately falling short. In February alone, 34 projects were turned down by The LEGO team. To boost the spirits of these creators, The LEGO Group has paired up with BrickLink to bring at least 13 potential projects back to the table.

The 31 projects that have been invited to participate are currently in the pre-production phase. The participants have been given certain guidelines they need to follow and therefore, will need to go back to their original designs to ensure they fit these guidelines. These guidelines include limitations on the exact number, type and colour of bricks used, including the total part count, which must fall between 400 and 4,000 elements. Not to mention these builds will need to undergo rigorous testing to meet The LEGO Group’s strict stability requirements. Only given until May 31, 2021 to make the necessary changes to move on to the crowdfunding phase then off to the fans for consideration, but only the first 13 will be pronounced at BrickLink Program Designer sets. The remainder will be sold as Building instructions.

Without going through the LEGO Ideas process, this really gives the creator the ability to keep their projects as authentic and real as their vision. However, I’m sure with the testing there will be no doubt some changes to be made.

You can see the full list of the 31 projects on BrickLinks HERE. What are some of your favourites? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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