60 Minifigures Originally Proposed!! LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle 76178

Hey guys! The LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle 76178 was just announced earlier this week and it contains the most minifigures in any Marvel set to date. Check out the set announcement HERE. A total of 25 minifigures got a lot of people excited, but after an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit by designer, Mark Stafford, reveals the set was originally proposed to have 60 minifigures. Since Marvel had a big say in which minifigures were included the list got cut down.

Mark comments…

“At the beginning I made a list that contained about 60 minifigures! I wanted the original Sinister Six, but we just couldn’t make it, we were running out of new figures to make. Because there were so many minifigures in the set, many of the characters from that set were moved to the standard line (they came out first, after all). To name a few, I wanted Deadpool, The Human Torch, Iceman, Spider Woman – all of Spiderman’s buddies. But Marvel also had to agree and some of the decisions about whether or not to include characters were theirs and as I said, with other characters we just didn’t have the capacity to include them in the set.”

Could there be more to come?

“We looked […] to see how many new minifigures the superhero team could produce this year and if we could use some of them more than once to add more to this set than was actually possible. We also work with Marvel, who have their own plans that we don’t know about, which could lead to a few characters from the plan not being able to show up! “ – Mark Stafford

Killing two birds with one stone…

“If you see that any of this year’s Marvel sets include a new figure that is also included in this set, chances are it was designed just as much for the Bugle as it was for the smaller set.” – Mark Stafford

Interestingly enough, the Daily Bugle 76178 set was not planned…

“I had nothing to design for a week waiting for concept art for the Eternals, so I asked my boss if I could try the Daily Bugle idea that I had in mind. It was just something I really wanted to build. […] To be honest, I’m amazed that 15 months later it’s actually a LEGO set!” – Mark Stafford

Which character would you of liked to see included in the list? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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