BOX DISTRIBUTION & MISPRINT!? LEGO Super Mario Series 3 Character Pack 71394

Hey guys! Back on June 15, 2021 LEGO revealed the ten new characters in the LEGO Super Mario Series 3 Character Pack 71394 that released August 1, 2021. Check out that post HERE for all the set details and official photos. The box contains 18 total packs instead of the typical 20, which series 1 and 2 contained. Alongside the rare box distribution, a consumer has reported a misprint on his brick-built Crowber where the two printed eyes are looking directly forward, opposed to an eye on either side.

BOX DISTRIBUTION “I purchased a sealed box from eBay. I was expecting to receive a box of 20 containing two sets of characters, as has been the case with series one and two, but this time the boxes only contain 18 packs.” “Crowber and Bony Beetle are the two characters which the box only has one copy of. This is the breakdown as follows: 

  • Scuttlebug x2
  • Swoop x2
  • Parachute Bob-omb x2
  • Amp x2
  • Torpedo Ted x2
  • Crowber x1
  • Galoomba x2
  • Bony Beetle x1
  • 1-Up Mushroom x2
  • Boo x2

I checked with some fellow Fan Media and they too reported the same two characters as missing.” is a nuisance, and I wonder why the change has been made. To discourage people from buying whole boxes, perhaps? I also wonder whether the box distribution is the same in each, which would result in there being two characters that are rarer than the others. My box contained only one 71394 Crowber and one 71394 Bony Beetle.” “I’m honestly puzzled as to why LEGO would suddenly decrease the number of packets in the box considering that they have included two full sets in the previous series.”


Brian Saviano posted to twitter that he received a misprint of the characters eyes on his brick-built Crowber! “Whilst this mistake might not be the ideal configuration for swooping down to fend off Mario and Luigi, the rare brick might be something to treasure as such pieces can be quite valuable according to a report from collector Kevin Downard.”



This is the second reported misprint lately, as we just posted that there was incorrect spelling on the Hogwarts Crest from the newly announced LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons – Collectors Edition 76391. Check out that post HERE.

What do you think of these mistakes? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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