CELEBRATE International Women’s Day: MARCH 08

Hey guys! March 8th, 2021 marks International Women’s Day and to celebrate LEGO has reached out to those with inspiring young women to recreate the iconic 1981 LEGO advertisement.

At the LEGO Group, we believe children are our role models. We look to them for inspiration every day and want to help them break down gender stereotypes and create opportunities for everyone. We must continue to play our part in building a more inclusive world, starting with our own organisation.

Help us celebrate International Women’s day and today’s young women on their journey to becoming the decision makers, role models and changemakers of the future.

Use our special tool to recreate our 1981 ad. Submit your photo and complete the quiz to generate a headline that celebrates your child’s own creative style.

Your child will need to be in the same pose as the 1981 ad, holding their LEGO creation. Take a look at our gallery for inspiration.”

– LEGO.com/future-builders

Visit the site above and submit your child holding their LEGO masterpiece. An poster, in the style of the 1980’s advertisement will be emailed to you where you can then post it, using the hashtag #LEGOFutureBuilders.

73% of parents believe gender differences are driven more by societal expectations than biology, as a recent LEGO Play Well Study shows. The LEGO Group is committed to supporting gender stereotypes in society and creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce that will live up to their ideals and expectations.

Julia Goldin, Global Chief Product and Marketing Officer at the LEGO Group commented: 

“At the LEGO Group, we believe children are our role models. We look to them for inspiration every day and want to help them break down gender stereotypes and create opportunities for everyone. Celebrating people helps empower people, and through this campaign we, along with the help of parents and caregivers, want to celebrate the skills and creative potential of today’s young women – the next generation of amazing female leaders!”

Check out this advert recreated for International Women’s Day: LEGO ‘What it is is beautiful’ by YouTuber All About Bricks:

GIRL POWER! Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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