CONTEST RESULTS!! LEGO Ideas: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Comic Book Hero

Hey guys! Back on May 21, 2021 LEGO Ideas put out a contest, “YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD COMIC BOOK HERO!” You can check out all the contest details in our previous post HERE. They have now announced the winners for each category (Brick & Art).

BRICK BUILT GRAND PRIZE WINNER: The Amazing Spider-Man – By baixoNL


You are looking at a classic comic book cover in the theme of Spider-Man; The Amazing Spider-Man. One of the toughest rivals; ‘Sandman’ takes on Peter Parker this time.
The size of this build is (A1-format) 594x841mm.It took me a full week to design and create this MOC.About 5.000 parts, in which almost all the red and pink elements from my stock, have been used in this model.
Hope you like it!

BRICK BUILT RUNNER UP WINNER: Attack Of The 50 FT. Mecha-Mysterio – By moccermommy


Mysterio is back… again. 
With a little help from Doc Ock, Mysterio has created a steely monstrosity that keeps the city of New York breathless. Peter Parker who once again abbandoned his superhero alter ego is shocked. Mysterio went straight for Mary Jane Watson taking her hostage. What will he do?
I wanted to create comic cover that looks cinematic in its aesthetic. The build consists of more than 11.000 pieces and features a lot references to the Spiderman cartoon and comic. The trained LEGO eye will also recognize some of the buildings.

ART GRAND PRIZE WINNER: The Amazing Spider-Man VS. The Terrifying Trio – By tomrogersart


They’re back! And more dangerous than ever! Spider-Man’s most fearsome foes have teamed up to put an end to the webslinging wonder once and for all! It’s ACTION all the way when Spidey tackles — the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Venom! Will Spidey prevail and outsmart the badguys? Hold on to your hats, True Believers!
‘Nuff said!

ART RUNNER UP WINNER: The War Of Daily Bugle Building – By chainsaw yu


Supervillains, including Doctor Octopus, GreenGoblin, Mysterio, Sandman are attacking Daily Bugle Building at the same time. How shall Spider-Man resolve the biggest crisis this time? Although I haven’t had a opportunity to be a professional illustrator, this competition is a great opportunity to me to combine two my favorite things into it!At the beginning, I used more colors on the first version, eventually, I decided to pick a simple color to intensify the heroic image of Spider-Man. This is 100% creation by my self, sketch as attached, and I hope you will like it.

What do you think of the contest winners? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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