First Crowdfunding Round Goals Reached!! BrickLink Designer Program 2021

Hey guys! The first crowdfunding round for the BrickLink Designer Program has launched! The first five (out of seven) to reach that goal are Castle in the Forest, Great Fishing Boat, Sheriff’s Safe, Pursuit of Flight, and Kakapo. Since the launch, all five sets are already out of stock. Here is all the information: “The selection will initially be made from seven drafts, with more to follow in the coming months. Each of the rejected and newly revised LEGO Ideas designs has until August 11th to collect at least 3,000 buyers, but there is also a limit of a maximum of 5,000 copies per set. The five sets that are the first to overcome this hurdle are then put together and sent to the buyers. Of course, the supporters of the other two sets don’t have to pay anything.” “The sale of the BDP sets will take place entirely through the LEGO online shop . This has the advantage that all standard LEGO payment methods are allowed and VIP points are also given on pre-orders ! Unfortunately, BDP pre-orders do not qualify for free gifts such as the LEGO 40486 adidas Superstar .” “Castle in the Forest was the fastest one to sell out 5,000 copies and it hit that goal in about 40 minutes after pre-orders started. Following that was Great Fishing Boat and the others slowly followed.” “Many people have pointed out that allowing people to buy up to five of each project was a mistake because it has allowed scalpers to stock up at the expense of legitimate buyers. Some are already listing the castle on eBay for over £400/$500!” “What does that mean? That can mean a lot: But on the one hand you probably don’t want to disappoint the fans of the castle and the boat and on the other hand you don’t want to forego potential sales. As part of the designer program, this not only benefits LEGO, but also the designers and fans, who would not have to buy the sets overpriced on Ebay. At least that would be desirable. But what exactly BrickLink and LEGO have come up with, we will probably find out next week!”

Castle in the Forest – 1973 Parts

Great Fishing Boat – 1606 Parts

Sheriff’s Safe – 578 Parts

Pursuit of Flight – 540 Parts

Kakapo – 1062 Parts

Did you manage to get one of these sets? Which one? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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