FIRST LOOK!! LEGO City Stuntz 2021 Sets

Hey guys! Recently, we have had the chance to see some upcoming new sets for 2021 in the official Japanese LEGO catalogue. It was only online for a short period of time and was taken down. However, that didn’t stop those who did get a chance to see it, to share it with the rest of us (thank you!). It’s assumed that the catalogue wasn’t supposed to make it’s way online just yet and for that, was removed until further notice.

The LEGO City Stuntz sets for 2021 was revealed in the catalogue showcasing a total of ten new sets. We get to take a look at new coloured parts, like the orange roller coaster rails and many new components, like the new ramps where the stunt men are used to catapult their vehicles into the air and a Stuntz flywheel with a pull-back friction motor on the back wheel. Cool! These will be released October 2021.

In this video, YouTuber, JANGBRiCKS, says “there is good news, bad news and surprises”:

YouTuber, just2good, is surprised that the City Stuntz sets got it’s own logo:

Hear the opinons from YouTuber, Son Of a Brick:

LEGO City Stuntz Sets

  • City Stunt Park 60293
  • Stunt Show Truck 60294
  • Stunt Show Arena 60295
  • Stunt Bikes 60296 / 60297 / 60298 / 60309 / 60310 / 60311
  • Stunt Competition 60299

LEGO City Stunt Park 60293

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LEGO City Stunt Show Truck 60294

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LEGO City Stunt Show Arena 60295

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LEGO City Stunt Bikes 60296 / 60297 / 60298 / 60309 / 60310 / 60311

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LEGO City Stunt Competition 60299

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