GWP 40486!! LEGO ADIDAS Originals Superstar 10282

Hey guys! We first announced the reveal of the LEGO ADIDAS Originals Superstar 10282 on June 16, 2021. Check out that post HERE. Just moments ago we posted the official LEGO Designer video, with Designer Florian Müller. Click HERE to revisit that post. Within the designer video, at 1:12, we get our first look at the GWP 40486. However, a YouTube video from Korea shared more images of the gift with purchase mini sneaker 40486, which is said to consist of 92 parts.

Watch the designer video again, if you didn’t see the GWP teaser the first time:

What are your thoughts on the GWP? Which one do you like better? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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