GWP!! LEGO Friends Mug

Hey guys! Yesterday we first found out about the LEGO Friends mug, when an ad popped up for You can revisit that post HERE. However, we didn’t have any other information about it to share. If you actually click on the link in that ad it will redirect you to the LEGO shop, to the Friends Central Perk 21319 set. We can now safely assume that this promotion is actually a GWP for the Central Perk 21319. Unfortunately, the mug does not appear in your shopping cart yet, so clearly the promotion was released too early. This has many people questioning why the GWP would be for the older Friends set, rather than the newly announced Friends The Apartments 10292. Check out the official launch of the new set HERE.

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So if this mug strikes your interest, you’ll have to purchase the 2 year old set, Central Perk 21319, which most likely if you’re a Friends fan, you already own. That kinda sucks.

What do you think of this GWP? Is it something you would consider? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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