LEGO Celebrates 90th Birthday: VOTE NOW!

Hey guys! LEGO’s 90th Anniversary will be celebrated in 2022 and we are now entering the second round of voting for the theme set! Hurry! You only have until February 10th, 2021.


  1. Bionicle
  2. Classic Space
  3. Pirates
  4. Castle….hunh?

Why are there four finalists? Keep reading!

So it is… there will be FOUR finalists you can choose to vote from, instead of three. LEGO actually admitted that they had made a mistake by not having all the Castle sub themes rolled into one category. Since there was such a large support for each sub theme, all added up together would have put Castle in the number one spot. However, someone over there has a big heart and decided that instead of moving Pirate into the number four spot and removing them altogether for the second round of voting, they made the exception of having four finalists. Read the full Ideas blog article HERE.

Check out where the votes landed:

Bionicle – 24799
Classic Space – 18171
Pirates – 15884
Trains – 14855
Adventurers – 13988
Classic Castle -12603
Forestmen – 8056
Lion Knights – 7117
Imperials – 7012
Town – 6610
Black Knights – 6427
Model Team – 6397
Dragon Knights – 6334
Space Police – 5738
Rock Raiders – 5298
Studios – 5179
Blacktron – 5088
Ice Planet – 4503
Black Falcons – 4244
Aquazone – 4051
M-Tron – 3555
Alpha Team – 2807
Paradisa – 2584
Time Cruisers – 2234
Wolfpack – 2111
Exploriens – 1695
Arctic – 1620
Divers – 1424

VOTE HERE! Voting ends February 10th, 2021.

Will you be voting? If so, where is your vote going? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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