LEGO JULY 2021 Calendar

Hey guys! How is it almost July already?? LEGO has released the upcoming calendar and showcases all the events and promotions that we can expect next month. To start things off, from July 1 – 14, 2021 if you spend $85+ USD, the adidas Superstar 40486 will end up in your shopping cart for FREE. Check out our post HERE from June 25, 2021 for all the set details. Following that, the Charles Dickens Tribute 40410 will be the next GWP that you can get your hands on starting July 12 – 18, when you spend $150+ USD. This is the same offer from last year’s VIP Black Friday promo. A few days after that, from July 16 – 25, 2021, if you spend $40+ USD you will have the choice between the GWP; either the LEGO Friends Emma’s Magical Box 30414 or the LEGO City Skater 30568.

If you are looking to obtain multiple FREE offers, there are some days that overlap in order to do so. Unfortunately, I think if you wait until July 12, 2021 to try and get both the Free LEGO adidas Originals Superstar 40486 and the Free LEGO Charles Dickens Tribute 40410, you might be playing roulette, hoping that the mini sneaker is still available by then. This seems to be a pretty popular item and could very well be sold out by the time the Charles Dickens promo starts. However, between July 16 – 18, you do have an opportunity to get both the Charles Dickens GWP along with the Friends Emma’s Magical Box/City Skater, so that might be a better option.

June 1 – December 31: Free LEGO Blue minifigure Keychain 854090 when you sign up for LEGO VIP.

July 1 – 14: Free LEGO adidas Originals Superstar 40486 with purchases of $85+ USD (while supplies last).

July 12 – 18: Free LEGO Charles Dickens Tribute 40410 with purchases of $150+ USD (while supplies last).

July 16 – July 25: Spend $40+ USD and choose from Free LEGO Friends Emma’s Magical Box 30414 or LEGO City Skater 30568 (while supplies last).

There you have it. Another month has gone and a new one awaits. What do you think of the upcoming promotions for July? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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