LEGO KIDS CONTEST: Do You Have What It Takes?!

Hey guys! The LEGO Group asks “Are you a budding filmmaker or an aspiring musician ready to take your talent to the next level? No matter your creative specialty, Kids Creative Studio needs someone just like you! We are the first kid-led studio and we are looking for top creative talent to lead our team as Kid Creative Director.”

The LEGO Group has been inspired by LEGO VIDIYO to develop the Kid Creative Studio, a new way to promote products run by a kids creative team who are mentored by leading creative professionals.


To find the most suitable applicant, a contest is taking place. Do you think your kid has what it takes? Submit a video of them HERE. However, this is currently for US residents only.

“We’re thrilled to be able to empower kids to keep doing what they’ve been doing the last year and truly honour this creativity.” – Amanda Madore of LEGO Systems.

Now the title of “Kid Creative Director” would definitely be something to brag about, but thats not all! They will also receive $10,000 towards educational and creative endeavours!

Check out this video by Nicole Laeno, the KCS Head of Choreography:

Check out this video by Brock & Boston, KCS Director of Photography & KCS Assistant Director:

Check out this video by the GEM sisters, KCS Director, KCS Head of Cinematography & KCS Head of Costume:

Will you be submitting your kid(s) to this contest? What makes them a good candidate? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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