LEGO White Noise?!

Hey guys! Looking for some zen in your busy day? LEGO announced today a new mindful mix of nothing except the iconic sounds of LEGO bricks. Sound relaxing?

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You can check out the 7 tracks HERE on Spotify, but can also be found on 15 different music streaming platforms for FREE!

Personally, I got a kick out of a few of the track names, ‘Searching for the one (brick)’ or ‘The Waterfall’, which if it isn’t obvious, is just thousands of bricks pouring out. A sound I know too well.

Since LEGO brick sounds are so familiar to so many people, they’ve compiled the best sound elements through experimenting with 10,000 different types of bricks to come up with the best soothing sounds.

So why not put some headphones on, listen to some bricks and relax?

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Would really love your thoughts on this new relaxation tool LEGO has come out with. Comment below.

Happy LEGO Building!

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