Hey guys! About a month or so ago, I was at work (yes, I have a day job) and my wife called me to tell me our basement had flooded. Being a homeowner for quite some time now, I expect these types of things to happen. However, my LEGO room is in the basement. Oh no. I thought to myself, did I leave anything on the floor? Were my lights still plugged in? Was anything or everything ruined?!

Find out, by watching this video I posted on our YouTube channel:

THANKFULLY, not everything was ruined. But, my floors had to be ripped up and 2 feet of drywall had to be cut. Believe me, that was the least of my worries. I was sad about the LEGO boxes and manuals that got wet, but that just means I will have to keep adding to my collection!

Watch this video to see the LEGO room dry again!

Lesson learned. Keep all paper and cardboard boxes off the floor, put everything into plastic bins, always unplug the electrical and most importantly clean up after yourself! You better believe I will not make the same mistake twice!

Have you ever had a flood? Or have you ever had any of your LEGO collection ruined? Tell me about it in the comments below (I need to feel better).

Happy LEGO Building!

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