NEW INFORMATION!! LEGO Ideas Home Alone 21329

Hey guys! The LEGO Ideas Home Alone set 21329 (Set # not confirmed) was amongst the announced winners of the review process from the Autumn / Winter 2019 on June 23, 2020. The LEGO Ideas project, designed by adwind, was originally built with 3,000+ parts. Through well-known leaker’s instagram accounts, the set is actually proposed to be much smaller in scale than the original LEGO Ideas project. It was speculated that the set would be released in late fall of 2021. However, it sounds like we will be seeing it a bit sooner, in September 2021. Rumours circulated that the set would retail for $300 USD. However, with this new information regarding the smaller scale of the project, it is now rumoured that it will retail for $100 USD.

LEGO Ideas Model – Not Final Product
LEGO Ideas Model – Not Final Product
LEGO Ideas Model – Not Final Product “Could it also be possible that the set was altered into a non-minifigure scale build—perhaps even turned into a microbuild? There’s not really any other means by which a 3,000 piece submission could be downgraded by nearly 2,000 parts without changing the scale or type of design of the project, which would be very unusual considering the only minor alterations we’ve seen with a lot of recent Official LEGO Ideas sets—with the Medieval Blacksmith (21325) being one of the most drastic alterations we’ve seen of late.”

Of course, take all this information with a grain of salt until LEGO officially reveals the set and details.

What do you think of these rumoured changes to the set? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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