OFFICIAL SET!! LEGO Ideas 3rd Review Phase 2020: Motorized Lighthouse

Hey guys! The winner from the 3rd review phase 2020 has been announced and out of the 25 approved designs, the Motorized Lighthouse, from Roses Must Build, will become an official LEGO set! Roses Must Build’s motorized lighthouse measures over 47 cm in height. The specialty of the design is a light stone located in the tower, which can be made to rotate by means of a motor . It remains exciting whether this will also be implemented in the finished model, or whether LEGO omits this function for whatever reason. But since the actual “idea” behind the lighthouse would then be lost, that would be a terrible shame.

Check out why YouTuber, Ashnflash, is happy with the results:

YouTuber, GoldenNinja3000, talks about how none of the 25 designs were very exciting:

However, YouTuber, Emmasaurus, loved all the 25 designs:

You can watch this Live Stream, with PotterMinifigPals, who goes through all the designs:

Roses Must Build: Standing at over 47cm tall, this Lighthouse rests on an isolated island, shining its light through the thick fog. Arrive at the pier and go up the stone staircase on the side of the cliff. A cozy little house is waiting for you at the top of the island, and those who are not afraid of heights will surely love the view from the Lighthouse balcony!

I wanted to make light and movement the main features of my next creation, while also making a structure that would stand out in a room. Using a Power Functions battery box, an m motor, and all the pieces I could find in my collection, I built this motorized Lighthouse that is sure to safely guide all ships to shore.

To make the model reasonably scaled but also give it an imposing size, I made it in nanoscale. Don’t worry! Despite being scaled to nanofigures, the model is still over 47cm tall. If you want, you can remove the battery box and m motor and use the rotating lever on the side of the island to rotate the light.

We do not know the price, or the release date for the Motorized Lighthouse yet. At the earliest, the end of 2022 or the start of 2023 will be when we can most likely expect it.

Which was your favourite out of the 25? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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