Hey guys! We first revealed the LEGO ADIDAS Original Superstar 10282 on June 16th, which will be available July 1, 2021. You can revisit that post HERE. When the designer video was released, a couple days later, we got a sneak peak at the GWP the LEGO Mini ADIDAS Original Superstar 40486. Go to that post HERE and fast forward to 1:12 in the video to check it out! On that same day, a YouTube video from Korea shared more images of the GWP set and we posted about it HERE. However, today LEGO officially revealed the LEGO Mini ADIDAS Original Superstar 40486, with all the details. Seems like most people are confused by the conditions surrounding obtaining this GWP, as you will need to spend $85+ USD in order to qualify for it. This means purchasing more than the price of the LEGO ADIDAS Original Superstar 10282 for $79.99 USD. Fortunately, you are not required to buy the larger LEGO ADIDAS Original Superstar 10282 in order to receive this GWP.

Photo Credit: says: “It’s unfortunate given how well the smaller buildable shoe complements its bigger brother, particularly in that minifigure (which really should have been included in the larger set, if we’re being honest).” says: “Overall, it’s a decent and collectable GWP that ‘sneaker-heads’ will enjoy owning. I’m puzzled why the threshold for obtaining it has been set above the price of its larger counterpart, though.” says: “In many ways, I think this set is much better than the full-sized shoe, and so much more accessible – thankfully LEGO didn’t make this a GWP that was only available with the purchase of the shoe and I can see this one being super successful.”


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How do you feel about the conditions required to get this GWP? Which shoe do you prefer? Comment below!

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