ROUND 2!! BrickLink Designer Program

Hey guys! The second round of the BrickLink Designer Program crowdfunding has begun! A total of nine projects for this round are up for consideration. Once the first five projects receive 3,000 pre-orders, they will move onwards.

Mountain Windmill


High in the Boratis Mountains, built between the two tallest peaks, stands the windmill. How the windmill came to be there, its purpose, and who inhabited it (if anyone) were all unknown—or long forgotten. 

One day, far below in the Valley of Gales, a young villager happens upon a lost map that reveals a hidden path up the mountain. He sets out with one goal… to unravel the mystery of the windmill on the mountains… 

Hey All! 

Here is my new LEGO Ideas project: The Mountain Windmill. This is an original idea I have been working on, I hope you like it! The build uses 2031 pieces and comes with 2 minifigures; The Miller and the Village Boy. 

Play features:  

  • Spin the windmill using the lever 
  • Rotate the windmill towards the wind using the sail 
  • Discover what treasures the mysterious miller has been hiding in the secret cave  
  • See where the miller maps the world from high atop the mountains  
  • Gaze at the stars from the observation deck  
  • See where the miller unwinds by painting The Valley of Gales 
  • And much more!  

Stay tuned to see more of the story unfold and what mysteries will be revealed! Peace and happy building! 

Science Adventures


Join the scientists on their research adventures! 

  • The geologist explores the mountains to locate important minerals and unravel the processes that have shaped the Earth. 
  • The wildlife biologist is on a jungle expedition to study the tiger in its natural habitat. 
  • The archaeologist investigates bones and artifacts to uncover the secrets of an ancient civilization. 

This set consists of three vignettes of scientists in their outdoor work environment. The small settings are built on 6×6 base plates, and each scientist comes with a set of tools and equipment required for their research. The accompanying booklet will provide short descriptions of the respective research fields. This set combines an educational aspect with a fun building experience and has plenty of play value. The presented set consists of 188 parts. Please support if you would like to see it as a real product! 

Geologist Dr. Coyman is examining an unusual rock formation. Some work with the rock hammer is needed to find out what is inside! 

Biologist Dr. Miller is hiding behind a nearby bush when a thirsty Siberian tiger shows up to drink from a puddle of water. A perfect opportunity to study its behavior up-close! 

Archaeologist Dr. Yates made an extremely interesting historical find of a fully preserved skeleton and real gold coins. Will this provide the final clue in understanding the ways of the ancient people who lived here? 

Retro Bowling Alley


Following the theme of 10260 Downtown Diner, I present the Retro Bowling Alley.


– Classic street sign 

– Large bowling pin pillars 

– Fully detailed kitchen with milkshake machine 

– Several printed tiles including a classic score sheet 

– 2 exclusive bowling outfit torsos 

– Gold, silver, and bronze bowling ball trophy shelf 

– Gumball machine 

– And more! 

Brickwest Studios


Welcome to Brickwest Studios. Here, you can become a true film director, actor, makeup artist or any other job in the cinema world. 

Direct the cameras to the best position, place the lights, and move the elements of the scene to get the best results.

A cinema set with many elements such as the saloon, windmill, water tank, and latrine. It also includes other cinematographic elements such as the cargo van with the mobile dressing room, props of the scene, cameras, and other camera mounts, like traveling or steady cam. 

Get your best disposition to shoot your film in a set that suggests some new prints and color change in pieces such as the lamps, doors of the van, as well as the minifigures. 

10 minifigures are suggested for the set: sheriff, director, bandit, makeup artist or the woman innkeeper, 2 horses, a hen, a scorpion, a snake, a pig and a frog. 

Moments to recreate and create stories from the past to the present, stories from the Wild Wild West. I hope you like it a lot, and if so, do not hesitate to support it. Thank you very much everybody. 

Ruined House


Hello everybody! I am glad to be on the BrickLink Designer Program with my Ruined House, which refers to a rural house featuring an old, battered, wrecked and ruined appearance. I will do all my best to meet your expectations, so I will greatly appreciate all your comments. 

Main features

The set has been designed onto two baseplates (32×32 and 16×32). The house comprises a front entrance, backyard, ground floor, first floor and gable roof. The walls are made with clay bricks coated with plaster. The building’s masonry is greatly shattered, partially collapsed and ruined by aging and severe weather conditions, making visible many of the bricks under the plaster coating and a lot of cracks.  

Front entrance: In front of the house, there is a big broken tree trunk, which is next to some agricultural rusty tools. Vegetation, masonry and window panes surround the entrance, blocking the access to the house. 

Backyard: The backyard is on the right side of the house. It is surrounded by a partially collapsed wall, yet still enwrapping a large tree that has grown up without control and that it menaces to fall onto the house. Next to the tree there is an old wooden bench. A brown toad is hidden at the bottom of the backyard. 

Ground floor: An old kitchen and a dining room can be distinguished on the ground floor. The kitchen still keeps a broken sink, pair of cupboards, small gas stove and fireplace. Some wooden beams of the first floor hang from the ceiling, while others have already fallen onto the kitchen. A door provides access to the dining room, in which there is a wooden staircase partially detached from the wall, that provides access to the first floor. 

First floor: The first floor is so shattered that the rooms cannot be distinguished. The floor has great holes everywhere, showing the beams beneath. Very few objects remain on the floor, like a small chest of drawers for example.  

Roof: The roof is made of clay roof tiles that have lost their original colour over time. Large pieces of roof have fallen onto the lower floors, leaving great holes behind. The fireplace’s chimney, although visibly deteriorated, still stands on the roof. 

Seasons in Time: Calendar


This functional calendar allows you to change the day, date and month. Plus, it comes with seasonal and holiday specific vignettes to place on top throughout the year!

This build—which wouldn’t look out of place on any desk, table or mantle piece—is made from approximately 3000 LEGO pieces. As the seasons change, so does the calendar!

For the top of the calendar are buildable vignettes, one for each season!

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter

Plus unique buildable vignettes for holiday specific scenes including:

  • Birthdays
  • Chinese New Year
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Halloween

The Calendar even includes a drawer to store parts in, making the parts easily accessible for season and scene changes. What ideas do you have for holidays and scenes you’d like to add on top?

Clockwork Aquarium


Turn the crank to see: 

  • Colorful fish swimming around the tank in a large oval! 
  • A delightful crab jumping up and down. The crab looks to be lurching as it pivots to follow a passerby fish. 
  • A surprise tiny sea creature (TBD) that spins whenever a fish swims by. 

Inside the fish tank you will also find amazing marine details such as: 

  • Underwater green plants 
  • Vibrant pink coral 
  • Brick-built background including sand and rocky mounds 
  • A humble clam 
  • And an old helmet

Be sure to watch the videos below to see it and alternate themes in action!

(The final design will differ slightly due to part availability)

About the design:

The aquarium rests on a stately cabinet that has elaborate details all around with an ornate topper. The cabinet doors open for easy access to the internal mechanisms and the accessories stored within: fish food and chemical containers. The aquarium tank, back drop, and topper are designed to be easily separated by using tiles and reduced stud plates. This provides even better access to the internal mechanism and makes it easy to replace the background, inside features, and/or creatures. The mechanism is very robust and smooth. It involves a combination of gears, links, and a cam. My hope is to include at least 2 backgrounds and possibly 2 complete themes in the box.

Your help:

While there will be some changes from my original LEGO Ideas submission and intentions due to part availability, I am dedicated to finding the best combination of design, aesthetic, features, and themes for this awesome Clockwork Aquarium in the amazing BrickLink Designer Program. You can help by commenting with: your favorite themes and features, or new themes and features, so I’ll know what the community wants. It will be taken into consideration!

From the designer:

This has been a fun project, and I am thrilled with how delightful the little aquarium has turned out. I started out working on the mechanism. I tried many different methods for creating the movement, and this version of the mechanism proved to be the most robust and smooth. I then moved on to the cabinet and glasswork. This has turned out to be a very fun, versatile, and intriguing LEGO build!

Modular LEGO Store


The main concept is a stand-alone LEGO® Store that is about to open after a long period of renovations in an old building in New York. A two-story-high beautiful Pick-A-Brick wall is the main feature of the store.

The storefront has a few notable features such as big show windows, doors, huge red and yellow bricks, and the rooftop with technic gears which epitomize how the old building was upcycled here. It shows that the building used to be a small toy factory.

Unlike other modular buildings whose interior design has to be hidden by the bricks, the inside of the store can be seen easily thanks to the nice daylighting coming from the windows.

On the left side in the store, there is a play zone where kids can play with some bricks. On the wall, there are many boxes, polybags, and some white display boxes for sample products. On the right side of the store, a counter with a clerk is placed under a LEGO logo.

At the bottom of each side, there are two technic pin holes to be connected with other modular buildings. The yellow storage room at the backside of the building has many carton boxes and working LEGO crews inside.

In your modular town, it’s time to place a LEGO store filled with LEGO products you love. It will make you happy whenever you see it.

Bio: Krisnow

Who are you?

I am a Korean living in Seoul, Korea. I used to be a book designer but I’m currently a serious AFOL.

What got you in to the LEGO hobby?

When I was around 7 years old, my dad brought a big box of LEGO product home from his business trip abroad but my three brothers didn’t show that much interest. I felt lucky since I got fascinated with it.

However, I had not been serious about LEGO until I bought 10211 Grand Emporium in 2011. With it, I rediscovered my interest in LEGO products and started to buy other modular sets.

What inspired you to start designing your own MOCs?

I have been personally interested in architecture and interior design. However, I didn’t try to create a new building by myself with Lego bricks until I got some confidence after building some official modular buildings since 2011.

In 2015, one of my friends who was somewhat associated with Burger King Korea talked about the new business initiatives such as home delivery and drive-through. One day, I came up with an idea that a Burger King drive-through store made by Lego bricks would be a nice present for his birthday. That was the moment when I decided to design my first MOC.

What inspired you to do this project?

All LEGO lovers, including myself, always want more LEGO bricks and LEGO products. We sometimes dream of owning an entire LEGO store with a beautiful Pick-A-Brick wall. One day, I just decided to make that dream come true, partially, by building my own LEGO store with LEGO bricks. It became my second MOC and got 10K supports at Lego Ideas.

Quest Builder


Welcome Quest Builder!

I am glad you found your way to this fantasy set with a multitude of options. No one knows what adventures your heroes will have. No one knows what dangers or monsters they will encounter on their journeys and quests.

Are they on a treasure hunt? Are they on a quest to eliminate the evil bonelord, or are they simply curious and want to unravel the mysteries of an abandoned keep? No one knows what lies hidden in the forgotten rooms. No one knows how far the cellars extend into the lower layers of the earth. No one knows except YOU, Quest Builder!

With this set you can create your own dungeons and lairs for the heroes to investigate. There are hundreds of possible layouts and setups. You can place the rooms in any sequence desired to create the lair you like. The pictures show just a few examples of what you could create.

Which hero will you choose?

Do you prefer to rely on your strength and armor to take your adversaries heads on as a knight? Would you rather avoid close combat, nimbly tumble over the traps, and use your bow to engage your enemies from a distance? Do you feel the magic rippling through your body? Are you capable of harnessing the forces of magic and unleash them to overpower your opponents? The choice is yours Quest Builder!

Beware though, you may be brave, clever, and nimble, so are the inhabitants of the lairs and dungeons you are going to explore. The creature who dwells there may seem peaceful, but looks can be deceiving. Always be on your guard for traps, monsters, and venomous vermin that will make your journey a dangerous one!

Good luck with all your quests, and may your deeds inspire the bards to tell heroic tales!

Note: The model differs somewhat from the original because we have to work with a limited palette of bricks. Several changes may still occur but I will try to stay true to the original concept. I hope you like what I did so far 🙂

Which 5 do you think will make it? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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