RUMOUR!! 4 New Harry Potter Sets This Summer!

Hey guys! reported that since the boy wizard’s movies turn two decades old in 2021 we may see a “wave” of LEGO Harry Potter sets releasing in June 2021. Apparently with unique minifigures. Instead of the classic yellow-skin toned characters, they will be gold (like NINJAGO’s 10th anniversary minifigures).

Check out more information on these minifigures by YouTuber Brick Clicker:

Although these are all still rumours and will most likely have changes from what we know now, here’s a look at each set:


  • Set #: 76386
  • 217 Parts
  • Golden Minifigure: Harry Potter


  • Set #: 76387
  • 397 Parts
  • Golden Minifigure: Hermione


  • Set #: 76388
  • 851 Parts
  • Golden Minifigure: Ron Weasley


  • Set #: 76389
  • Parts – TBD
  • Golden Minifigure: Voldemort

It’s been rumoured that at least 13 Harry Potter sets are due to release this summer. So, if it’s not these anniversary sets that interest you, then there will be more you can look out for.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Will you be on the look out for these or other sets due to come out this summer? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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