SURPRISE REVEAL!! LEGO Pickup Truck 10290

Hey guys! We got a SURPRISE reveal from LEGO of the Pickup Truck 10290 and what a beaut she is! I’m a bit of a sucker for vintage cars, so maybe it’s just me, but definitely a job well done on this set! This is apart of the Creator Expert line and will be releasing October 1, 2021 for $129.99 USD. It’s too bad that LEGO revealed this set by just putting it up on the website, as I think this could have used a bit more hype!

Hear what these YouTubers have to say about the set:




LEGO Pickup Truck 10290

  • Set #: 10290
  • Set Name: Pickup Truck
  • Age Recommendation: 18+
  • # of Parts: 1677
  • Price: $129.99 USD
  • Release Date: October 1, 2021


A perfect escape from modern life! Get ready to travel back to the 1950s with this LEGO® Pickup Truck (10290) building project. Packed with details, this true-to-life model recreates the vintage pickup truck shape with its rounded lines. Explore the model to discover realistic pickup truck features like a stepside bed, opening doors and tailgate and removable wooden side railings.

Celebrate the seasons
This truck is hard at work all year round, delivering produce from Green Farm. Create a seasonal display with the many accessories included. There’s a wheelbarrow with flowers and a watering can for spring. For summer there are 2 wooden crates, tomatoes, carrots and a milk pail. Autumn brings a crate with pumpkins, while for winter there is a wreath and a festive gift.

Love the journey
This set is part of a collectible series of LEGO buildable models for adults who appreciate beautiful design. It offers an immersive build and will make a top gift for any fan of vintage pickup truck models.

• Build a faithful LEGO® model version of a vintage 1950s farm pickup truck. Explore all its realistic features then place your truck on display to admire this classic collectible model.
• This LEGO® Pickup Truck 10290 buildable model set offers a rewarding building project for adults as you recreate the iconic rounded pickup truck shape from a classic era in vehicle design.
• Explore the model to discover its many realistic pickup truck features like a stepside bed, opening doors and tailgate and removable wooden side railings.
• Fresh from the farm! Discover lots of seasonal accessories including a wheelbarrow and watering can, vegetables and a milk pail, a crate with pumpkins, plus a festive wreath and gift.
• Steer the truck then open the doors to inspect the interior. The hood also opens to reveal the engine.
• Designed especially for adult LEGO® builders, this set offers a rewarding build with a collectible display piece to cherish. It’s also a top gift idea for anyone who loves vintage 1950s pickup trucks.
• Measures over 5.5 in. (14 cm) high, 13 in. (33 cm) long and 5.5 in. (14 cm) wide.
• This LEGO® 1950s vintage pickup truck set is part of a range of creative building sets designed for adult building fans who love stunning design, intricate details and elegant architecture.

How do you feel about LEGO secretly revealing this set? Do you like it? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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