TEASER!! LEGO Friends The Apartments 10292

Hey guys! Back on April 24, 2021 we heard there was a rumour of a new LEGO Friends (the sitcom) set on the horizon. It was the well known LEGO YouTuber, Brick Clicker, that posted on his Instagram page that the new set should be an awesome and BIG. You can revisit that post HERE. Since the LEGO Friends Central Perk 21319 set was one of the best selling sets in 2019, it’s evident that LEGO would be coming out with a sequel. Well, LEGO has tweeted a teaser of something that is in the works, solidifying we will definitely be seeing more soon!

The set is said to be releasing mid May, for VIP Members and June 01, 2021 for everyone else, for $149.99 USD. If you can’t wait to see more about this new set, just do a little searching through your instagram… heard there was another image floating around that lets you see more!

Are you a ‘Friends’ fan? Do you think this set will sell better then Central Perk 21319? Comment below!

Happy LEGO Building!

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